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Content creators and distributors are some of The Pirate Bay’s most vocal critics, describing the platform as a piracy haven that deprives artists of their income.

However, in recent times criticism of the site has expanded to include one of the site’s founding members.

Following a ruling from the Helsinki District Court, the 37-year-old has been ordered to pay several major record labels around 5,000 (350,000 euros).

She moves in with a handful of fellow students and high jinks follow.All of which is to say that the otome genre is a lot like the romance genre at large -- some of it is smart, a lot of it is super-troubling, but many women love it. It's just that it's so Later, I realized that there was a bit more to it.Eventually, I told my husband all about the Pirate King, even showing him screen captures of the shirtless, and weirdly nipple-less, outlaw. I felt like a preteen because that was the last time -- with the possible exception of, say, "Magic Mike" -- that I'd felt like a mainstream product had truly relished in the lustful, delirious objectification of men. Or simply enjoy all the glory of being a pirate lesbian in space?Don't ask how I ended up an accidental stowaway on a pirate ship -- long story.

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